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Texas Summers Wreak Havoc on Your Water Lines

Why is there a big increase in water line breaks in the summer (and winter) months? Water lines or water main breaks when the temperatures are extremely hot or extremely cold or when the weather goes from extremely wet to extremely dry. Water lines typically run under the pavement or throughout your yard and are the most common system leaks. As you can imagine, the external stress on a pipe increases as the dry frigid air causes the ground above the pipe to freeze and contract just as warm, wet conditions can cause the soil to expand. As soil expands with moist, wet weather followed by extreme dry, arid conditions the stress a used from these normal environmental conditions will causes pressure and compromises to your sewer and water lines.

Water lines and sewer lines burst
Dry Soil Wreak Havoc on Pipes

What are the signs of Broken, Cracked, and Collapsed Pipes and how do you spot the problem before it gets worse?

1.) You Might Smell It! You may notice an odor in your home. With sewer breaks, the stinky smell signifies that the sewage and waste from your house has not been drained into the main public sewer line.

2.) You Might Hear It! Similarly, you may hear bubbling noises whenever you use your sink or flush your toilet. This mostly happens because your pipes have a blockage and the air inside is trying to escape to the sewer system.

3.) You Might See It! Another tale-tell sign that your pipes are cracked, broken or collapsed is that your sewer will start backing up into your home. This is typically caused by obstructions in between the city sewer and your house.

These are the common signs that you might have a problem with your Sewer lines.

What You Can Do?

The best thing you can do about a sewer line leak is call a plumber right away. We can use special sewer cameras and video leak detection to figure out what your problem is and fix it fast. The sooner we get there, the sooner we can stop the damage.

What about compromised water lines?

Water lines
Dry Ground Effects Water Lines

Just as cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and break, dry cracking soil can cause stress on older pipes. Some of the tale-tell signs are:

1.) Wet Spots in the Yard. This is one of the most common ways leaks are detected. If there’s a puddle in your yard or you run your mower through mud, you might have a water line leak.

2.) Lush Green Grass. If you don’t see a puddle or wet area you might see lush green grass. Those patches could be watered by your compromised water lines.

Duncan Plumbing Slutions Waxahachie
Call Expert Plumbers Duncan Plumbing Solutions

When you suspect a sewer or water line break be sure to call Waxahachie’s hometown plumber Duncan Plumbing Solutions. We are locally owned and family owned and operated. We are plumbers you can trust with the qualifications and equipment. Check our our reviews and you’ll see we are the experienced experts you can trust.https://duncanplumbingsolutions.com/services/#leak-detection

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