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Plumbing Installation And Repair

When trusting your home or business to a professional plumber, it is important you choose a highly skilled, fully licensed and insured plumbing company like Duncan Plumbing Solutions. Our plumbers are committed to only the highest standards and remain in the forefront of the latest technology and innovation in plumbing and furthering our continuing education by attending plumbing courses each year.

Our Plumbers:

  • Passed a criminal background check
  • Are fully licensed and insured
  • Have passed all required licensing exams
  • Are fully endorsed by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (https://tsbpe.texas.gov/)
  • Can provide proof of commercial liability insurance
  • Consistently attend continuing education courses to further knowledge

Don’t trust your home or business to just anyone. With Duncan Plumbing Solutions, you have a guarantee our plumbers have fulfilled each and every one of the above requirements. Trust the plumbing experts at Duncan Plumbing Solutions to install or repair you plumbing and ensure it is up to code. Check out some of our reviews:



Product Brands:

  • American Standard
  • Bradford White
  • Delta
  • Eljer
  • GRUNDFOS Pumps Corporation

Green Certifications:

  • gov – Home Performance with energy Star




  • Grohe
  • Kohler
  • Moen
  • Price Pfister
  • Toto
We offer free plumbing estimates and all major credit cards are accepted.

Leak Detection & Slab Leaks with Video Camera Inspection

If you suspect you have a leak in the slab or foundation of your home, trust only the experts at Duncan Plumbing Solutions. We will expertly diagnose and resolve your plumbing issue quickly, thoroughly and cost-effectively. Our master plumbers have years of experience locating the leak, including video inspection. We will thoroughly inspect, detect and discuss every possibility BEFORE jackhammering your floors. Utilizing advanced techniques like video camera inspection and hydrostatic pressure testing, we will locate the exact location of your leak and then discuss the best course of action considering all options.

  • Hear running water
  • Feel ‘hot spots’ on floors.
  • Water meter movement when no water is running
  • Wet or muddy spots with unexpected water in the yard or around the slab
  • High water bills

Duncan Plumbing Solutions offers hydrostatic pressure tests to determine leaks utilizing an inflatable ball that is inserted into the sewer line to determine if there is a water leak present. Inserting the ball and blocking the system allows us to see where the leak is coming from. Slab leak detection typically involves an inspection of your lines as well as a water line video. By combining the use of hydrostatic pressure testing and the latest in video camera inspection, we are able to provide you with the best method of repair.

Once we’ve located your leak, we will discuss the options for repair. Trenching through the foundation may be the most straightforward or sometimes we are able to re-route your waterlines bypassing the leak completely. In some cases, we can pull new pipe through your existing pipes. There are many options so you don’t have to worry when you have a slab leak.

Read our reviews. You’ll see our many customer testimonials about occasions we’ve provided real solutions, saving the customer’s flooring, their peace of mind and their wallet! Don’t trust a potential slab leak to just any plumber. You really don’t know what damage a novice can do to your home and this is where quality and experience matters!

Drain Cleaning and Sewer Camera Inspection

Duncan Plumbing Solutions offer the latest in drain cleaning technology. You can trust your home or business with Duncan Plumbing Solution’s video camera inspection. Our high-tech machinery offers precise drain and sewer cleaning, drain and sewer line repairs and uses specially designed water proof cameras that offer a visual showing EXACTLY what is going on with your sewer lines and plumbing. There is no guessing what lies inside underground or inside the foundation of your home. We offer real-time video you can see and our technicians can use to accurately diagnose and solve any drain or sewer problems. You save money and time knowing exactly what is going on inside your home’s sewer system. Duncan Plumbing is your complete drain cleaning solution.

Duncan Plumbing Solutions offers:

  • Complete drain and sewer service
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Spot repair
  • Installation of new sewer lines
  • Fast, Same Day Emergency Sewer Service
  • Plumbing Video Inspection, Detection, Diagnosis & Repair
  • Drain Cleaning, Including lost item retrieval
  • Video Inspection of your potential new home’s plumbing
  • Sewer System Back-Ups including Diagnostics & Precision Leak Location
  • Sewer Line Repairs & Root Intrusions
  • Remodeling Inspections
  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair
  • New Sewer Installation

Tankless Water Heaters

Duncan Plumbing Solutions is your full-service water heater repair, replacement and installation company. We offer residential and commercial tank or space-saving tankless water heaters. From leaks to rusty water, no hot water, erratic temperatures and flow or strange noises from the heater – we have your hot water solution!

Duncan Plumbing Solutions is licensed and insured with the State of Texas and can repair or install a new water heater in Waxahachie as well as the entire DFW area. When you need hot water today, call Duncan Plumbing Solutions. We are licensed to repair and install ALL brands of hot water heaters.

We are experts on Tankless water heaters, which provide you with endless hot water and instant hot water while saving space and eliminating worry about a leaking tank system. Tankless water heaters allow you to shower and run major appliances without ever running out of hot water. Instant and endless hot water are just one of the benefits of a tankless water heater by Duncan Plumbing Solutions.

Considering the fuel type is ideal in situations where you are looking to switch water heater systems, such as if you currently own an electric water heater but want to switch to gas instead. Each fuel type has its own set of benefits.
Tankless hot water heaters are small and since there is no tank, they are very safe for installing on a 2nd floor. Tankless water heaters are a great option if you don’t have a lot of room or want to install outside of your home. Tankless water heaters are much more efficient and low maintenance vs. the tank models so you can expect to save money in the long run.

Choosing a reputable water heater installation company like Duncan Plumbing Solutions is very important. In addition to working smart, we also take pride in your plumbing aesthetics. We care how our installation looks and want it to be pleasing to the eye! We don’t just install your water heater– Duncan Plumbing Solutions makes your plumbing pretty. We plumb using straight lines with precision right down to the minute details! Duncan Plumbing Solutions will install your water heater with meticulous attention to detail. We take great pride in our work and that shows! It’s the little things that makes Duncan Plumbing Solutions your best choice in water heater installation in Waxahachie, Texas.

You definitely want to choose an experienced company like Duncan Plumbing Solutions when repairing or replacing your water heater. We offer water heaters that will last year after year. We will show you the various options on the market, including the system with the best energy efficiency and lowest running costs, the systems with the best warranties, and the systems that will instantly heat water for your home’s needs.

Duncan Plumbing Solutions Water Heater Service

  • Water heater inspections, including bringing your existing water heater up to code
  • Personal delivery of your new water heater; drainage and removal of your old water heater
  • Connect your new water heater to existing gas, propane or electric and water lines
  • Fill and test every new & existing water heater
  • Provide explanation and training for proper use of your tank or tankless water heater

Duncan Plumbing Solutions is Waxahachie’s trusted plumber when it comes to water heaters! Read some of our reviews here or call us to schedule service!

Gas Lines including LP Certification

Duncan Plumbing Solutions is your #1 Gas Installation Expert offering years of flawless service for your natural and propane gas needs, including:

  • NEW GAS LINES: Outside or inside your home.
  • GAS LINE MAINTENANCE & CODE COMPLIANCE: Ensuring your existing lines are in good working order.
  • GAS SAFETY: Helping keep your gas installations safe. Duncan Plumbing Solutions offers your gas safety solution!
  • APPLIANCE HOOK-UPS: When you want to ensure your appliances are properly installed, we offer appliance hook-up.

If you’re looking for installation, service, inspection or repair of gas lines in Waxahachie, Duncan Plumbing Solutions offers natural and propane gas solutions at prices you can afford.  We offer new installation, replacement and repair of gas lines as well as appliance hook-up. Duncan Plumbing Solutions is LP Gas Certified by the Rail Road Commission of Texas.

Propane Solutions

Running gas lines around your home is not a task that can be taken lightly. Trust the years of experience the expert plumbers at Duncan Plumbing Solutions offers. Not every plumber will work with propane but Duncan Plumbing Solutions offers expert know-how concerning propane installation, service and repair. Safety is a top priority at Duncan Plumbing Solutions so you know your new lines are properly installed and up-to-code, providing you with safe access to gas within your home or for your outdoor living spaces.

Gas Line Replacement and Repair

Duncan Plumbing Solutions will ensure your existing gas lines are operating safely. Contact Duncan Plumbing Solutions for maintenance or repair of your existing gas lines. Our experts can replace, repair or re-plumb your gas lines and ensure they are up–to-code. We will assist you with all you need to know regarding your gas lines so you can rest assured of your home’s gas line safety.

Appliance Hook Up

Duncan Plumbing Solutions can assist you with appliance connections for your new appliances, to assure your appliances are properly connected and in perfect operation. Our friendly and knowledgeable Master Plumber will be happy to assist you with any size installation.

When you choose Duncan Plumbing Solutions for your gas needs, you can be sure of careful attention to detail, quality workmanship and the highest respect for your home and your time. If you are thinking of installing a new gas line or if you need help with the maintenance of an existing installation or appliance hook up, Duncan Plumbing Solutions is your gas line Solution!

Historic Home Repair and Remodels

Historic homes are iconic to Waxahachie and owning a historic home in the Gingerbread Capital of Texas can be extremely rewarding. Our homes have character and unique architecture you just don’t see any more and the old adage is true – they just don’t build them like they used to! Solid construction is a definite plus with older homes but the old and outdated plumbing is a cause for concern.

Plumbing is one of the first items to check when considering a historic home purchase. Does your historic home have cast iron or even clay pipes? Duncan Plumbing Solutions will expertly advise you on replacing your old plumbing with the latest modern day plumbing like PEX. The science behind PEX makes this high density polymer a great choice to discuss with Duncan Plumbing Solutions when considering new plumbing. We can also use the latest in camera inspection to ensure your water & sewer lines are in proper order and we can advise you on each option as well as the costs if new plumbing or any repairs are needed.

Duncan Plumbing Solutions Historic Home Renovations Team Specializes in:

  • Professional understanding of residential-system design
  • Expert knowledge of local plumbing codes and compliance
  • High standards in cleanliness offering precision work in a finished environment
  • Design services or close collaboration with you and your designer’s plans
  • Exemplary rating known for precision and perfection with straight line plumbing and attention to the finest detail
  • We are experts in installation of claw foot tubs
  • Bidets
  • Walk in showers
  • Luxury steam showers
  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodels
  • Faucet and Fixture installation
  • Precision plumbing with expertise and efficiency that is unmatched

When it comes to plumbing historic homes in our area, we are not satisfied unless we exceed your greatest expectations!