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How to Repair a Frost Proof Faucet

Leaking Packing Nut

  • The packing nut is located at the end of the faucet, underneath the handle. A loose packing nut will allow water to leak from the end of the faucet. Remove the retaining screw from the handle of the faucet. Pull the handle off the faucet. The packing nut is exposed. Hold the faucet body with a pair of pliers wrapped with tape. Tighten down the packing nut by turning it clockwise, using a pair of pliers.

Removing the Stem

  • The stem is the part of the faucet that makes it frost-proof. The stem runs down the length of the water supply tubing, shutting off the water flow inside the pipe as opposed to at the faucet. Be sure to turn off the water supply to the faucet before removing the stem. Take off the packing nut by turning it counterclockwise. Attach the handle to the stem once the packing nut is removed. Pull out on the handle to remove the stem from the faucet.

 Fixing the Stem

  • The stem of the unit has a washer at the end. The washer at the end of the stem creates a watertight seal inside the tubing to prevent water from flowing. When the washer wears down, the unit may leak. Remove the stem from the unit to replace the washer. Loosen and remove the screw at the end of the stem, and pull off the washer. Replace it with the same style of washer. Also remove and replace any other O-rings on the stems as well.

Leaking Pipes

  • The pipes leading to your stem should be tight and free of leaks. Tighten down any copper pipe joints along the system path to stop leaks from appearing. If there is a small leak in the pipe, purchase a copper tubing patch kit. These kits come with a sleeve that is tightened down on the pipe with a screwdriver, temporarily patching the leak to prevent flooding. Replace copper pipes as holes appear to prevent further corrosion along the system.Duncan Plumbing Solutions in Waxahachie can help you with installing a frost or freeze proof faucet and with winterizing your home’s plumbing system.

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