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Treat Minor Plumbing Problems Before They Become Major

One area of home repair that is often neglected is plumbing. Many homeowners only call for plumbing repair after a situation has become unavoidable, which ends up being a big mistake. Allowing your minor problems to linger can lead to major plumbing problems. Calling Duncan Plumbing Solutions at the first hint of a problem can help prevent costly emergency plumbing situations.

Unseen Leaks:

Leaks are usually ignored until they become a major problem. Even small plumbing leaks can have a big effect. Leaks are often in places that cannot be easily seen. You may first become aware of a leak when you notice that your water bill is higher than normal. A leak can cause a home’s water bill to increase significantly. In addition, a concealed leak that goes unnoticed will result in continued damage to the home’s foundation or walls. Leaks will create a damp and moist living environment, and will lead to the growth of mold.

Dripping Faucets and Running Toilets:

Drippy faucets and running toilets are two plumbing problems that are often ignored, despite the fact that they usually require only a simple plumbing repair. Ignoring them will not necessarily cause extensive damage, but the increase in water usage and associated costs will negate any savings that one has gathered from avoiding repair.

Problems with Water Pressure:

When you notice that the water in the kitchen sink or shower is no longer flowing forcefully or the toilet is not flushing well, this means that there is a problem with the water pressure. There must be an issue or obstruction somewhere down the line. Call Duncan Plumbing Solutions so that we can treat it immediately.

Older Pipes

If you live in an older home that has not had the plumbing updated in recent years, there will obviously be the potential for problems. Don’t wait for something to go wrong before calling for repair. Duncan Plumbing Solutions can routinely inspect your system to watch for issues such as rusting pipes.

Treating these minor problems early will help keep your plumbing system in good shape, hopefully preventing larger and more costly plumbing repair issues in the future.

If you need help with unseen leaks, toilet repair, water pressure issues or have an older home that is in need of repair, call Duncan Plumbing Solutions at 972-937-0040  to have a certified plumber from Duncan Plumbing Solutions fix you right up!

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