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Summer Plumbing Tips for a Happy Fourth of July

Summer Plumbing Tips for a Happy Fourth of July

Summer plumbing

It’s that time of year again! Time for Fourth of July celebrations, cook outs, swim parties and family vacations.  A little preparedness goes a long way to avoid a plumbing problem. Duncan Plumbing Solutions wants you to enjoy a worry-free summer with a few plumbing precautions.

If you’re hosting a party at your home, make sure your plumbing is ready. Nothing will spoil the fun like a nasty backed up sewer or a clogged drain. If you’re going away on vacation for the summer, ensure peace of mind with a few easy plumbing checks. A quick check under the sink and a peep at the water heater is well worth it. Nothing ruins vacation like coming home to a burst pipe or leaking water heater. Other quick tips like turn off the water main,  listen for running water and look for wet spots in your yard before you leave for vacation will prevent a plumbing problem.

Five Common Plumbing Problems and Remedies

Clogged Sink and Disposal
Clogged Sink and Disposal

Plumbing Problem #1:  My Garbage Disposal is stinky or backed up

Make sure you don’t allow fibrous foods such as lemons and seeds or other waste go down the disposal. Things like egg shells, coffee grounds, potato peels and banana peels should never go into the disposal. When you allow these items to go into your garbage disposal you will not only have a stinky sink but you could break your garbage disposal! Things like the impeller can break or you can damage the motor of your garbage disposal when you throw fibrous items into your disposal. You can also cause a sewer line back up. Check out this article about plumbing problems caused by your garbage disposal:

https://duncanplumbingsolutions.com/garbage-disposal-troubleshooting/ or this one about a stinky disposal or a backed up disposal: https://duncanplumbingsolutions.com/how-to-fix-a-stinky-and-backed-up-garbage-disposal-anatomy-of-a-garbage-disposal/

Click here for recommended garbage disposals

Plumbing Problem#2: My toilet is clogged or bubbling

Plumbing Leaks
Plumbing Leaks

Hosting a party means your toilet is doing double duty and perhaps a toy or other non-flushable item has been flushed down the drain. When a product like feminine hygiene products, wipes, towels and toys go down the drain, there is a potential for a clogged or bubbling toilet (which indicates your plumbing is about to back up) Check out this article about common plumbing problems with the toilet: https://duncanplumbingsolutions.com/down-the-drain/

Plumbing Problem #3: My water bill is too high

The #1 plumbing problem occurring in the bathroom is the toilet. One way to cut your water bill by as much as half is to fix a running toilet. You may have a bad seal causing water to run constantly the toilet tank into the bowl. Because this valve is quite easy to replace and you will be surprised how much water you can save. Sometimes the flapper valve is the culprit and doesn’t seal the tank properly. However, this is an easy fix. Turn off the shut-off valve below the tank and flush the toilet to “empty” it. Remove the flapper and replace it with a new one. If the flapper valve seat is cracked, you’ll have to replace the whole unit, which Duncan Plumbing Solutions can help you install. Check out these articles for how to fix a running toilet: https://duncanplumbingsolutions.com/how-to-fix-a-running-toilet/ .

Another way to help lower your energy bill by as much as 10% each year is to turn down the temperature of your water heater. You may also want to consider a tankless water heater. These save energy because they are not continuously heating water stored in a tank. There are many other benefits to a tankless discussed here: https://duncanplumbingsolutions.com/tankless-water-heaters-in-waxahachie-tx/

Plumbing Problem #4: Backed up washing machine

More outdoor fun means more dirty clothes to wash. Be sure to check your washing machine for things like a bulging hose, leaks and cracks.  Also, move your machine at least four inches from the wall to prevent hose kinking and damage, and never leave your home while the washer is running. Remember–washing machine hoses should be replaced approximately every three years. If you are prone to sewer back-ups, you may experience a back-up from the washing machine.  If you find your washing machine is backed up, check out these articles for solutions to slow drains: https://duncanplumbingsolutions.com/category/slow-drains/

Plumbing Problem: Leaking pipes

Leaking Pipes
Leaking Pipes

Summer temperatures rise and dry out the soil quickly, causing the ground to shift. Nothing will ruin your trip more than coming home to water all over your floor from a burst pipe. Plumbing problems like leaking pipes and slab leaks are especially problematic now with all the rain. Shifting soils case stress on your home’s plumbing and this can mean a leak in your wall or under your home’s foundation. A slab leak just means a leak in the plumbing pipes that are in the concrete slab foundation of your home. Make sure you listen for running water, check your water meter and do a quick check of your home before you leave for an extended vacation. Click here to read more about slab leaks and leaks in your foundation: https://duncanplumbingsolutions.com/category/slab-leak-2/


Duncan Plumbing Solutions can diagnose & determine the best treatment option for any plumbing problem. Duncan Plumbing will inspect all your plumbing to make sure your plumbing is in good working order so you can have a safe and happy Fourth of July!  Most summer plumbing problems are quick and easy to resolve. When in doubt, call the experts Duncan Plumbing Solutions so you can enjoy a safe and worry-free summer season. Enjoy the summer!

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