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Slab Leaks Increasing with Triple Digits

‘Slab leaks and foundation failures are on the rise because of unseasonably hot, dry Texas summer weather’…states PRWeb…Yes, it is HOT here in Texas!

Shifting Soil Causes Slab Leaks
Cracks in the Soil

In Midlothian, Ennis, Waxahachie, Red Oak, Maypearl and all over North Central Texas the temperatures are going on 30+ days of 100+degree temperatures. Since nearly all homes in our area are built on concrete slabs,

Plumbing lines are vulnerable to soil shifts

It’s no coincidence that slab leaks increase as the days we are at 100+ temperatures increase. The Heat Wave of 2011 is causing more trouble than usual for homeowners. As the days at 100+ go on, the soil becomes dry and cracks in the yard spread and shift, breaking foundations along with the gas lines and water lines beneath.

The long dry spell is taking a heavy toll on plumbing. It doesn’t take much for movement in Texas soil to crack a pipe or loosen a fitting on the buried water or gas line. Slab leaks happen because of the tremendous pressure involved and that pressure can cause the slab to give.  Imagine what that pressure does to the pipes running to your home. Don’t wait until your yard or home is flooded because of broken, busted pipes in your yard or home!

Preventing Leaks

Homeowners can prevent some of the serious damage by taking precautions. The best prevention is to keep your foundation watered year round and especially during these dog days of summer. Place a soaker hose about  a foot from the foundation and water SLOWLY. Too much pressure can cause the hose to crack. The best way to prevent slab leaks is to water very slowly each day for about an hour to allow the soil to become moist and spongy. If you have trees or shrubs nearby, water more. A large tree can pull as much as 150 gallons of water from the ground each day.

Duncan Plumbing Solutions can detect a leak anywhere in your home, under the soil of your yard or under the pavement. However, home and business owners usually don’t call for help until it’s too late.

Possible signs of a slab leak include:

  • Uneven vegetation growing in areas
  • Dark spots on your floors, hardwoods or concrete
  • Higher water bills, for no reason
  • Water meter changes when no taps are open
  • Visible foundation cracks
  • Warm spots on concrete floors

Preventative plumbing is the path to early leak detection

You can save a lot of money on needlessly high water bills and avoid foundation repair and restoring a flooded home.

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