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How to Troubleshoot and Repair a Well Pump


Residents and farmers around Ellis County in Palmer, Midlothian, Red Oak, Ovilla, Maypearl, Grandbury, Ennis and Waxahachie often rely on well water and other to supply water to horses and cattle as well as watering land and plants around their property. There are a wide variety of pumping systems that allows for watering. But what happens if the well pump malfunctions? What happens if your well pump is broken or if your well pump is not pumping water?


If there is no water to the well pump but the pump runs, this could be caused by:

  • Hole in drop pipe or coupling, bleeder valve blown out.
  • Massive leak in your system. Pump is delivering water just not where you want it to go.
  • Jammed or backward check valve. It happens.
  • Pump is out of the water
  • Pump inlet screen plugged.
  • Pump worn out or the impellers are worn.
  • Pump shaft broken or coupling stripped.
  • Pump air locked.
  • Water level has dropped so far pump can’t lift to surface.

If there is no water to the well pump and the pump is not running:

  • No power to pump.
  • Motor failed
  • Wires down or bad splice.
  • Control box problem, bad capacitor or relay or cover is not on.
  • Pressure switch problem – Look at the contacts. The switch thinks the pressure is at shutoff level. Did it freeze last night? Possibly bad pressure switches or plugged inlet. Burned contacts don’t mean much. Bugs and other debris in the contacts are a common problem.
  • Overload tripped. Look for a red button on or under control box.
  • Pump locked up.
  • Both wires to motor or control box are connected to the same leg in the panel.


These are just a few of many possible problems that can happen with a well pump. Problems can range from electrical to cloudy or bad water. Some things you can trouble shoot yourself and hopefully the above mentioned with assist you with problems you may be having with your well pump. If you require expert assistance with your well pump, please contact us. Duncan Plumbing Solutions can troubleshoot, repair and assist you with general maintenance of your well pump system.  Well pumps are plumbing systems that work directly with electricity and in many instances a repair diagnosis requires an experienced plumber such as Duncan Plumbing Solutions to test and repair the pump system. Michael Duncan, Master Plumber and Owner of Duncan Plumbing Solutions is experienced in well and sump pumps and can provide expert assistance, diagnosis and repair of your well pump.

User Comments ( 3 )

  • Sara Smith

    One symptom was not covered.
    My pump runs for a while, the water is the tank is used up and the pump continues to run. the housing where the impeller is located gets to hot to touch but the motor maintains a normal temp.

  • Repairing a well pump is a hard job and must be leave to experts in repairing this kind of material. This article is very good to read to be assisted in repairing your well pump. If your things have some damages, you must immediately call for help to repair this particular things.

  • I’ve never really knew how to check on my own pump to make sure it’s running well. There is still water, but the pump isn’t working. So now I know what it could be at least, all that I have left is to call a plumber or pump specialist to help fix it! Thanks for this help!

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