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What causes a bubbling toilet? There could be a partial clog or a vent pipe that is not functioning the way it should which is causing your toilet to bubble.

Your toilet’s drain should not produce bubbles when you wash water down another plumbing fixture’s drain. The presence of bubbles in the drainpipe indicates a problem, either with a partial clog in the plumbing or a vent pipe that is not functioning correctly.


Your toilet and shower drain lines start off as separate pipes, but down the line, both drainpipes connect to a larger pipe called a branch pipe. The branch pipe also receives waste water from other plumbing fixtures, such as your bathroom sink, shower or bathtub. The waste water from these different plumbing fixtures runs down the branch pipe and into the sewer drainpipe, which connects all of the rest of the home’s branch pipes to the sewer or septic system.


A partial clog in the branch pipe may produce bubbles that come out through the toilet’s drain opening while you wash waste water down the shower’s drain. Partial clogs often trap air behind them, letting out small amounts of air as water rushes around the partial clog. To remove these clogs, you must unseat your toilet and feed a drain snake down the toilet’s drainpipe. The snake’s flexible line and the corkscrew on the end should dislodge the clog or pull it out of the branch pipe, stopping the bubbling in the toilet. Duncan Plumbing Solutions has some of the most sophisticated drain cleaning equipment available.


The branch drainpipes in your home’s plumbing system connect to vent pipes, which help keep the drain system working correctly. The vent pipes exit the house through the roof, where they draw in fresh outside air to replace air that washes down the drainpipes along with the waste water. The vent pipes also allow trapped sewer gases in the drainpipes to safely escape outside the house. A clog in the vent pipe may lead to bubbles escaping through a drain pipe such as the toilets. You must remove clogs in the vent pipes from the house’s roof by spraying water down the vent pipes, using a garden hose. Shining a flashlight down the vent pipes allows you to see if any clogs exist. Duncan Plumbing has some of the longest cables in Ellis County – our sewer snakes are long enough to reach the problem clog in the vent pipe.


If you continue to experience problems with bubbles coming up your toilet’s drain, your plumbing may have a major clog in the sewer drain line. By removing the cleanout covers that sit along the sewer drain line between your house and the sewer lines or the septic tank, you can see if the water is flowing through the pipe or if it has come to a standstill because of a clog.

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