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Leaky Faucets

A drip here. A drip there.

It doesn’t seem like much.  But those small, intermittent drips add up. A dripping faucet will corrode fixtures, cause damage and unsightly staining.  A leaky faucet will waste hundreds of gallons of water in a year. You can get a handle on your dripping faucet and your wallet by looking to the source of the problem.

Leaks don’t happen overnight, although it may seem that way.  Your faucets take a lot of abuse.  Your faucet is one of most frequently used items in your home.  It makes sense how over time, parts will wear out. Eventually one part or another will need to be replaced.  How do you know what part is the source of the problem? Is it a washer, a seal or something more?

If you haven’t already checked the washers on your sink, now is the perfect time.  Worn out washers are one of the most common causes for a leaky faucet.  If a worn-out washer isn’t the source of your problem, it may make sense to start where you’re least likely to look.

Think about where your faucet attaches to your sink. There’s a screw holding your faucet in place.  It has a “partner-in-crime” called an o-ring. If the o-ring is loose or worn out, you’ll notice your faucet leaking near the handle.

Now think of your faucet’s assembly.  Is it a disc faucet or a compression faucet?  If it’s a disc faucet, sediment can build up on the inside causing the seals to wear out. What if you have a compression faucet?  Check to see if the valve seat is corroded.  The valve seat connects the spout to the faucet.  Just like sediment can cause damage to a disc faucet, sediment can corrode a valve seat.  If the valve seat is the source of your water leak, you may be noticing a leak near the spout of your faucet.

Determining the cause of your problem is a good start in putting an end to your leaky faucet.  Unfortunately, finding the right part for your make and model of faucet can pose a whole new set of challenges.  You may want to seek help from your faucet’s manufacturer’s website in finding replacement parts.

Before you commit to an afternoon filled with tasks in an unfamiliar territory, call a Duncan Plumbing Solutions licensed plumber. Your licensed plumber can help you navigate the “rough waters” of faucet manufacturers, assemblies and replacements. Your plumber can be a great resource to you in ensuring your leaky faucet gets fixed right the first time.

By calling a Duncan Plumbing Solutions licensed plumber, you can free-up your afternoon and your mind from potential disasters to your home and your wallet.

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