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How to Adjust or Repair a Frost Free or Freeze Proof

A dripping frost free or freeze proof yard hydrant is more than an unsightly water waster. It is a potentially major problem. This is because a dripping frost free hydrant is no longer frost free. The above ground portion is filled with water and will freeze and potentially burst in cold weather.


Worn linkages can cause a leak by not properly forcing the rubber shut off assembly into the valve seat. If the handle is nearly all the way down before you feel resistance caused by the plunger hitting the valve seat this may be the problem. Simply adjusting the mechanism at the top of the valve stem to extend it slightly might solve the problem.
 Often the cause of a leaking hydrant is worn or damaged gaskets in the valve assembly. These components can often be replaced without digging up the valve assembly.REPAIR

  • Unscrew the head assembly from the riser pipe. This might be difficult since it has likely been many years outside and may be rusted tight. Liberal use of penetrating oil, hammer tapping, and long handles on the pipe wrenches can all help.
  • A word of caution. When I unthreaded the head assembly, the screw that held on the plunger assembly unthreaded. When I pulled up the connector rod the plunger assembly remained at the bottom of the riser pipe. This necessitated digging up the entire assembly. I’m not sure how this can be prevented.
  • ·         Pull up the connector rod. The seals and valve mechanism should come with it.
  • ·         Replace those components that seem worn or deteriorated. Replacing the entire assembly might be the easiest solution in that case. Duncan Plumbing Solutions can help you replace or repair.
  • ·         Reinsert the valve assembly and thread the head assembly onto the riser pipe. Be sure to use pipe dope to both aid in sealing and easing disassembly at some future date.

Adjust the plunger seating pressure as noted above.

  • Be sure the riser pipe is draining when the valve is closed. (Place the spigot in a glass of water. The spigot should siphon the water out of a glass as the water drains down the riser pipe.)
  • A plugged drainage port can sometimes be forced open by attaching a garden hose with a closed nozzle, pressurize the hose. Shut off the valve. The hose acts as a pressure reservoir and may blow out the blockage. Repeat several times.Duncan Plumbing Solutions | Phone: 972-937-0040 | info@duncanplumbingsolutions.com | www.duncanplumbingsolutions.com| Cedar Hill Plumber 75104 | Duncanville Plumber 75116 | Desoto Plumber 75115 | Mansfield Plumber 76063 | Waxahachie Plumber 75165 | Red Oak Plumber 75154 | Waxahachie Plumber 75165 | Ennis Plumber 75119 Master License # M-39624



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  • Peggy

    We replaced our hydrant about a month ago and it has worked really well but now it is hard to turn off. Have to use both hands to get handle to go down.
    thank you for your help and advise

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