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Can Flies Be a Sign of Household Plumbing Leaks?

Can Flies Be a Sign of Household Plumbing Leaks?

Tale-Tell Signs of a Plumbing Leak

Knowing These Clues Can Prevent Major Household Plumbing Leak or Sewer Problem. Drain flies are also known as the drain moth fly is actually a small, dark winged gnat. Like the mosquito, these inspects breed in standing water. This means your home drain can be the perfect breeding ground for this annoying little bugger. Like the pesky fruit fly, you may notice them when you return from vacation or being away for the weekend. This is because the water in your sink or drain sits stagnant for a time without water being run or moving through the pipe systems. These usually disappear when things are back to normal and water is run through the pipes and sewer systems are moving again.

Are the Flies a Sign of Breeding in Your Home’s Plumbing System?

Plumbing Leak, Sewer Back Up Sewer
Flies Are A Sign of A Plumbing Leak, Back Up or Sewer Issues

If you haven’t been away and notice flies this could be a sign of a household plumbing leak. If you notice flies in your home but haven’t been away first you want to see if they are adult or juvenile flies. If they are adult flies, it could be they came from the outside in and have just found their way inside. If you see a number of juvenile flies, chances are they are inside and breeding indoors—perhaps in your home’s plumbing and drain system! Remember how quickly flies multiply? I think every high school in America had the fruit fly experiment gone wrong when the school becomes infested with fruit flies, lol!Flies are usually just annoying but they can help you  identify plumbing problems

The fly can be the key to early detection of a sewer problem!

Like the crime scene detective, these guys can actually help you find out that you actually have hidden leaks within the walls of your home. You may have other leaks inside your home. These flies will breed in any moist area that they can find. So if you are facing a drain fly infestation that you cannot figure it out, you may want to look deeper for the cause. The problem could be from a leaking pipe or drain under the sink or even a leaking pipe inside of your walls.

A Little Plumbing Problem Can Become a Big Problem Fast!

Once you realize you have a problem, call a plumber like Duncan Plumbing Solutions who will locate and identify the plumbing problem that is causing the drain flies. Knowing These Clues Can Prevent Major Household Plumbing Leak or Sewer Problem. From there, Duncan Plumbing Solutions will make any needed repairs and rid you of these pests once and for all. Leaky pipes that are left to leak over periods of time will cause major problems to your home so you can thank these little detectives for helping you identify the problem before the leak has caused the woodwork in your home to rot or make its way through your ceiling or floor. A slow leaking pipe can quickly turn into a pipe that will flood your entire home and belongings. This is worse-case scenario and maybe these little ‘pests’ can save you the headache and hassle with the help of solution providers like Duncan Plumbing Solutions.

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