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Five Summer Plumbing Tips & Tricks

Five Summer Plumbing Tips & Tricks

Summer Time is Home Improvement Time

Here are five of our favorite plumbing tips and tricks

Aahhh Summer!  Time for summer vacations, no school and time for some DIY home improvements. Below are some of our favorite plumbing tips and tricks. Most of these plumbing tips and tricks cost less than $20 and can save you money on a plumbing service call down the road.

Clear Under Sink Clutter & Use Pipe Insulation to Prevent Kinks in Your Sink Sprayer

Our first plumbing tip deals with the sink sprayer. If you have to pull on your kitchen sink sprayer, chances are the sink sprayer is getting caught on something under your sink. This is usually a problem with  a hang up on the shutoff valve under your sink.  You can clear clutter under the sink by purchasing an organizer bin to store your cleaners and other under-sink storage items.  This neat tip will also make moving things a snap if you have a leak or plumbing problem. For a smooth pull on the sink sprayer you can also add ½” pipe foam insulation over your pipes so the sprayer hose doesn’t get caught up on the shut off valves.


Duncan Plumbing Solutions
Duncan Plumbing Solutions

Use Expanding Foam to Seal Large Holes and Openings

Our next plumbing trick uses foam insulation. A quick pull of my dishwasher revealed a huge hole that would allow rodents and bugs to crawl from under my dishwasher. Summer is a good time to pull appliances like the dishwasher and seal holes around them to prevent bugs and rodents from coming in under your dishwasher when the weather turns colder.

Deaden Sounds with Expanding Foam

I love expanding foam. You can use anywhere to seal holes or cracks. You can also use it to fill the space between sink basins. This will deaden sounds and vibrations to lessen sounds.  The ideal time to use foam insulation is upon installation but you can use it with the sink in place.  Use spray foam to deaden sounds then let the foam harden and then trim away the excess with a knife. Bonus kids love playing with the excess hardened foam. Duncan Plumbing recommends Great Stuff  https://www.greatstuff.dupont.com

Plunge Before Removing the Pea Trap

Another plumbing tip: before you remove a sink trap, give the drain a few plunges with a toilet plunger. This will push most of the water out of the trap, lessening the mess when you pull the trap. If you have a double sink, be sure to plug the other drain to contain the air pressure. Hold down the strainer if it’s not a screw type and plunge the drain first.

Use a Sewer Camera for more than the Sewer

Have a central vac that’s clogged or broken? You can use a sewer camera to inspect any sort of line, including your central vacuum! Have Duncan Plumbing out to run the camera on any type of line in the walls or inside the slab of your home for a quick plumbing tip. Most people think of a sewer camera when they think of viewing a plumbing problem or clogged line but Duncan Plumbing can use our sewer camera and video inspection to inspect any line in your home.

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