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My sons flushed a toy or maybe even the entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet. My twins were quiet for about 5 minutes and I knew something was up. I found the bathroom door closed and giggles coming from the other side—water coming from under the door. I opened the door to find water everywhere, rugs soaked! I never found the roll of toilet paper. The entire roll was gone. Our toilet was never the same.

Things get flushed down the toilet all the time. Kids flush toys, women flush feminine products and will look you in the eye and tell you they didn’t. One local business had problem after problem and every time we brought out the big sewer equipment, we pulled back tampons and other feminine products from the employee-only restroom. Things get flushed down the toilet all the time. I have a cabinet above my toilet in my master bath and things are always falling into the toilet bowl. Being married to a plumber, I have to stick my hand in and retrieve it. I can see where ignorance is bliss and would be tempted to flush the evidence if I didn’t know better.

We’ve heard of so many different things being flushed down the toilet. Toys get flushed, underwear and wash cloths get flushed. You are not the first person to have foreign objects stuck in the toilet and you won’t be the last. As long as there are toilets, things will be flushed!

Likely you’ve tried plunging the toilet and that didn’t work. If you can get a hand snake, try snaking the toilet. A plumber’s snake is essentially a coil of wire that you can unwind to clear stuck drains. If you don’t have access to one or don’t want to mess with it, contact Duncan Plumbing Solutions. Depending on where the item is stuck, you may have to remove the toilet from the floor to access the stuck item.

If you decided on snaking the toilet yourself, be careful! The object could be pushed further into the line and obstruct the waste pipe. If you push the object further into the line, this could require video inspection or a sewer camera. If snaking the drain doesn’t pull back the object, your toilet may have to be completely removed. Please see our article on removing and resetting your toilet.

If your toilet had to be removed and reinstalled, Duncan Plumbing Solutions has many options for a new toilet from no clog toilets to power flush and dual flush toilet options. Look on the bright side of things, you get a new toilet! There are so many models out there – ranging from the 200’s up to a few thousand!

Toilets are big business in places like Japan. In Japan, there are more sophisticated toilets than any other developed nation. Japanese ‘smart’ toilets come equipped with a variety of auxiliary functions including seat warmers, bidets, and sound… even remote options for your toilet.

As for our home, we are going with the power flush model. A power flush toilet uses compressed air to significantly increase its flushing ability. Unlike traditional gravity models, it stores its flushing water in a special pressurized tank. The efficient design eliminates the need for second flushes and reduces water consumption. The high velocity flush produced by this toilet also reduces clogging of sewer lines. Some models are equipped with an electric pump for use in homes with lower water pressure.

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  • My little niece also flushed a toy or two down the toilet and now I’m trying to figure out a solution. I haven’t tried snaking it but am a little scared that I may push the toys in further. I think I may just need to call a professional plumbing service to come and take care of it.

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