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Broken Water Line

A broken water line is one of the most dreaded repairs for many homeowners in Waxahachie, Red Oak, Midlothian and Ellis County. The reason is because water lines are normally buried in the ground under your home. The process for fixing the break is inconvenient and can be expensive. Compounding the problem further is the face that because the pipe is in the ground, detecting the leak can be very difficult.

What Causes Broken Water Lines

It could be helpful to know what some of the common causes of water line breaks.

  • Tree roots – This is probably one of the most common      culprits for a break in your water line. Tree roots can slowly work their      way into the pipe joints in their search for water. Over time, this can      break your pipes or clog them.
  • Rust and Corrosion – Over time, mineral deposits and      rust can eat through your water line. Even if the pipes are made of plastic,      eventually they will just get old and break.
  • Extreme temperatures causing shifts and further exacerbating      compromised lines.

Sudden Increase in Water Bill

You probably don’t enjoy opening your water bill but if you open that envelope one day and discover spike in your bill, it could be a sign you have a broken water line.

Soggy Spots

If you start to notice soggy spots in your yard, this could mean that the water line below is leaking. The water is saturating the dirt beneath your yard making it wet and soggy.

Strange Bumps or Areas of Very Green Grass

Depending upon the type of dirt that’s in your yard, the leaking water from your main might not make it soggy. It could actually push the ground upwards. If you start to notice any cracks in your home’s slab or strange bumps in your yard, you should call Duncan Plumbing Solutions. Similarly, the constant watering of the grass can make very lush, green spots.

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