Leaky Faucets

A drip here. A drip there. It doesn’t seem like much.  But those small, intermittent drips add up. A dripping faucet will corrode fixtures, cause damage and unsightly staining.  A leaky faucet will waste hundreds of gallons of water in a year. You can get a handle on your dripping faucet and your wallet by […]

How to Adjust or Repair a Frost Free or Freeze Proof

A dripping frost free or freeze proof yard hydrant is more than an unsightly water waster. It is a potentially major problem. This is because a dripping frost free hydrant is no longer frost free. The above ground portion is filled with water and will freeze and potentially burst in cold weather. Instructions Adjustment Worn […]

How to Flush Your Tankless Water Heater

As you may already know, a properly maintained tankless water heater should last you as many as 25 years or more, nearly doubling the life of the old ‘tank’ variety. However, proper tankless water heater maintenance is required. So what is  involved with “proper tankless water heater maintenance”?  The Problem with Hard Water The #1 enemy of tankless […]

Water Pressure Problems

The Shower Loses Hot Water When Someone Else Runs Water in the House When you take a shower and you lose hot water when someone else in the home runs water, the problem may be that your main water pipes are too small. Do you have an older home? New pipes might need to be […]

Toilet Pressure Problems

My Toilet Has Lost Pressure and Barely Flushes If your toilet has always worked fine but now barely flushes, the most common cause is a clog. First option is to try plunging the toilet. If you don’t see a significant change after plunging, it may need to be cabled. Duncan Plumbing Solutions has some of […]