Shut Down Water Heater

TO AVOID DAMAGE WHEN YOUR WATER HEATER IS LEAKING: 1) TURN THE GAS OR ELECTRIC OFF: GAS: Twist the dial on top of the thermostat from the ON to OFF position ELECTRIC: turn the power supply off to the water heater at the circuit breaker 2) TURN THE WATER SUPPLY OFF Twist the handle on the water […]

Tankless Water Heaters in Waxahachie, TX

Instant Hot Water for Your Home or Business Have you heard of tankless water heaters but don’t know if they’re right for you? Duncan Plumbing Solutions can install, maintain, and repair tankless water heaters for your convenience. We repair and replace water heater elements and thermostats as well. If you’re short on space and looking […]

Common Water Heater Problems and Signs You Might Need a New Unit

Your home’s water heater is probably the most costly component of your home’s plumbing system. Many common water heater problems are actually pretty easy to repair without the assistance of a plumber. Temperature Problems If your water is too hot or doesn’t seem to get hot enough, fixing the problem is usually as simple as adjusting […]

Waxahachie’s hot water experts!

Plumbing in your area! We provide services throughout greater Dallas area including Red Oak, Midlothian, Ennis, Ovilla, Glen Heights, Waxahachie, Maypearl, Italy and Forreston. We are locally owned and operated. With over 15 years of experience in the Texas plumbing business we understand the unique requirements to provide efficient long lasting solutions to your hot […]

Common Water Heater Issues

Tank style water heaters use an insulated storage tank to store water. These water heaters are generally very reliable lasting 10 years or more but occasionally they do have problems. These problems can include: No hot water Inadequate hot water Rust colored water Rotten egg odor Low rumbling or popping noise Higher pitched whining Water […]