Solutions for Leaky Toilets in Waxahachie

If your toilet has a leak or won’t stop running, you’re wasting water. Leaks and a running toilet are two very common toilet problems. They usually come from an inefficient toilet design. Do you need to jiggle your toilet handle to make is stop running? Do you frequently have to double or even triple flush your […]

Tips for Waxahachie & Ellis County to Save Water and Money

Tips for Consumers to Save Water and Money The TCEQ offers several tips to help Texans conserve water and lower costly water bills. With drought conditions continuing to persist, and water costs rising throughout much of Texas, consumers are looking for ways to save both water and money. Taking advantage of a few simple tips […]

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Bathroom Plumbing Tips In the bathroom, one of the main sources of trouble is the toilet. If your toilet is running constantly or flushing randomly when no one is around, check the flapper valve at the bottom of the tank to make sure there is a good seal. Chances are that the seal is inadequate […]