Old Gas Lines Blamed for Explosions

In 2013, a plan was unveiled in Austin to remove all natural gas compression couplings and old steel pipes across the state. This means more than half a million homeowners need new gas lines installed or need their corrosive and old gas lines repaired and a gas line pressure test to ensure safety. People have died and […]

Expert Gas Installation, Service and Repair at Duncan Plumbing Solutions

Natural gas provides a cost-effective and convenient means for heating the home  for millions of people. A natural gas heating system needs to be installed  correctly and use the correct type of pipes in order to function effectively and  safely. If you are planning on installing a natural gas heating system, you  should consider your […]


CALL TO REMOVE STEEL PIPES AND COUPLINGS ACROSS TEXAS Channel 8 News was the first to reveal Atmos Energy’s plans to remove a half-million steel pipes and their couplings in North Central Texas. A plan has been unveiled in Austin to remove all natural gas compression couplings and steel pipes all across the state. Natural […]

Steel Gas Supply Lines Need Replacement in Texas

Data released by state regulators shows over 500,000  steel gas-supply lines, the type blamed in several home explosions, must be replaced in North Central Texas. The Texas Railroad Commission’s most recent field inspection showed that more than 100,000 of the lines are in the Fort Worth service area alone. An additional 97,741 are in Dallas, and […]