Keep Drains Clean

Do your part to keep drains and sewers flowing and fat-free: –Scrape food and grease from plates into the trash – garbage disposals don’t remove grease. –Place a strainer in your sink drains. –Pour off cooking grease from pans and bake ware into a re-sealable can. Let it cool before placing it in the trash. […]

Broken Water Line

A broken water line is one of the most dreaded repairs for many homeowners in Waxahachie, Red Oak, Midlothian and Ellis County. The reason is because water lines are normally buried in the ground under your home. The process for fixing the break is inconvenient and can be expensive. Compounding the problem further is the […]

Prevent Busted Pipes & Broken Water Lines

Why do water pipes sometimes burst in the winter time? Answer When water freezes it expands. This is why ice fortunately forms on the TOP of ponds and lakes. The expansion causes pressure to build up that could eventually burst the pipe. However, most water pipes burst because as the ice builds up in the […]

Busted Water Line

A Few Steps to Consider if Pipes Burst If you or your tenants are faced with burst water pipes there are several things that can be done to limit the damage. Turn off the water supply at the main stopcock. Identify the source of the burst. If it is the tank, empty the tank (run all […]

Broken Water Lines and Leaks in the Yard Increasing with Cold Temperatures

At Duncan Plumbing Solutions in Waxahachie, Texas we’ve been taking a lot of calls regarding broken water lines or leaks in the yard. Mike’s theory is that there are subtle shifts when the temperatures are extremely hot or extremely cold which can put pressure on pipes. Add to that freezing water inside the pipes and […]