My sons flushed a toy or maybe even the entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet. My twins were quiet for about 5 minutes and I knew something was up. I found the bathroom door closed and giggles coming from the other side—water coming from under the door. I opened the door to find […]


What causes a bubbling toilet? There could be a partial clog or a vent pipe that is not functioning the way it should which is causing your toilet to bubble. Your toilet’s drain should not produce bubbles when you wash water down another plumbing fixture’s drain. The presence of bubbles in the drainpipe indicates a […]

Slow Draining Toilet

There are many reasons why your toilet may become sluggish. In this article, Duncan Plumbing Solutions in Waxahachie Texas will outline some of the most common causes for a slow toilet. Blocked Jets The standard gravity type toilet which most people have in their homes relies on a number of “jets” to get the water […]

Toilet Repair

Toilet Constantly Fills With Water Your toilet flushes just fine, but it doesn’t know when to quit. Perhaps it stops running and then starts up again suddenly or constantly leaks into the bowl. Either way, it’s wasting a lot of water and making that noise that keeps you up at night. Fortunately, it’s usually not […]

Toilet Repair – Replacing the Wax Ring

There is water all over the floor around the toilet. Don’t freak! Water leaking from the base of your toilet may not be as bad as it seems. One problem may be a cracked, broken wax seal. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to repair a wax ring and fix your toilet. Replacing the wax […]