Clear a Clogged Drain Naturally

It happens to all of us.  At some point, the kitchen or bathroom drain clogs and water backs up. At times horribly unpleasant odors are unleashed. While standard practice calls for harsh drain cleaners, these toxic products can damage the pipes as well as your lungs. If preventative measures have failed to keep your drains […]

Keep Drains Clean

Do your part to keep drains and sewers flowing and fat-free: –Scrape food and grease from plates into the trash – garbage disposals don’t remove grease. –Place a strainer in your sink drains. –Pour off cooking grease from pans and bake ware into a re-sealable can. Let it cool before placing it in the trash. […]

Backed Up Washing Machine

My Washing Machine is Backing Up Q. My washing machine floods my floor with water when it is draining the tub water. The hose is in place in the drain pipe but the water fountains out the drain pipe. I have put a garden hose down the pipe drain, no water flows back. There seems […]

My Shower Drains Slowly

If your shower is draining slowly you can be sure you have clogged pipes. Although most people will choose a chemical clog remover as the first method of drain cleaning, it’s a very controversial method. Some say that these products are harmful to pipes. If there is a serious problem, chemical drain cleaners will be […]