Tips for Waxahachie & Ellis County to Save Water and Money

Tips for Consumers to Save Water and Money The TCEQ offers several tips to help Texans conserve water and lower costly water bills. With drought conditions continuing to persist, and water costs rising throughout much of Texas, consumers are looking for ways to save both water and money. Taking advantage of a few simple tips […]

Clear a Clogged Drain Naturally

It happens to all of us.  At some point, the kitchen or bathroom drain clogs and water backs up. At times horribly unpleasant odors are unleashed. While standard practice calls for harsh drain cleaners, these toxic products can damage the pipes as well as your lungs. If preventative measures have failed to keep your drains […]

Green Plumbing Tips for Kitchen, Bath and Outdoors

Bathroom Check faucets and pipes for leaks Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving, rather than running a steady stream Turn off water while soaping up in the shower Limit showers to five minutes Replace standard shower heads with low-volume heads or  those with flow restrictors Check your toilet periodically for leaks Repair a […]

Plumbing Tips for Going Green

These are plumbing tips for protecting and conserving resources to help everyone provide a greener world. Below are just a few tips you can use starting today to save water and save you money so you can do you part to live a water-wise lifestyle Water Conservation not only will help save water, it will also save […]

Instant Hot Water and Green Plumbing

Why Wait? Go Green! Many Home Owners wait up to 60-seconds or more for hot water to run from their tap or shower. You don’t have to wait. You can have convenience of instant hot water and conserve water at the same time with a recirculation pump. Do you want hot water in an instant […]