Tips for Waxahachie & Ellis County to Save Water and Money

Tips for Consumers to Save Water and Money The TCEQ offers several tips to help Texans conserve water and lower costly water bills. With drought conditions continuing to persist, and water costs rising throughout much of Texas, consumers are looking for ways to save both water and money. Taking advantage of a few simple tips […]

How to Unclog Your Dishwasher

My Dishwasher is Clogged, What Can I Do? Are your appliances backing up? Do you have a dishwasher that won’t drain or a washing machine that is backed up? Your appliances have traps that can become clogged. For your dishwasher Try this: Remove the drain port cover and thread a slim rod or auger down […]

Backed Up Washing Machine

My Washing Machine is Backing Up Q. My washing machine floods my floor with water when it is draining the tub water. The hose is in place in the drain pipe but the water fountains out the drain pipe. I have put a garden hose down the pipe drain, no water flows back. There seems […]