Frost Proof and Freeze Proof Plumbing

Frost-proofing your outdoor faucets will help keep water insulated and help shield from freezing temperatures outside. Using a long valve stem, you’ll keep the water from being exposed to the elements. Repairing a frost-proof outdoor faucet involves disassembling the parts so they can be examined and replaced if necessary. The main thing to remember when repairing a frost-proof outdoor faucet is to ensure that the faucet water supply is shut off before you begin the project.

Old faucet types have a washer near the handle and an empty space behind it. When you shut off the faucet, the washer stops the flow of water. This means there is a small amount of water sitting outside the building. This water can freeze and bust.

Frost-proof faucets solve this problem by having a water shut-off point deep inside your home. This prevents water from freezing and bursting the faucet. Repairing a frost-proof faucet that is leaking will prevent any accidental freezes

Duncan Plumbing Solutions in Waxahachie can help you with installing a frost or freeze proof faucet and with winterizing your home’s plumbing system.

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