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Busted Water Line

A Few Steps to Consider if Pipes Burst If you or your tenants are faced with burst water pipes there are several things that can be done to limit the damage. Turn off the water supply at the main stopcock. Identify the source of the burst. If it is the tank, empty the tank (run all […]

Tankless Water Heater 101

Tankless Hot Water Heaters: Are They Really All That? So…Michael recently completed Rinnai’s Top Level III Tankless Hot Water Heater Repair Training. He was pretty impressed with the inner workings of the system, which he compared to a computer…It got me thinking, ‘tankless water heaters…are they really all that’…so I did a little research. Read on…. I’m […]

How to Adjust or Repair a Frost Free or Freeze Proof

A dripping frost free or freeze proof yard hydrant is more than an unsightly water waster. It is a potentially major problem. This is because a dripping frost free hydrant is no longer frost free. The above ground portion is filled with water and will freeze and potentially burst in cold weather. Instructions Adjustment Worn […]

Broken Water Lines and Leaks in the Yard Increasing with Cold Temperatures

At Duncan Plumbing Solutions in Waxahachie, Texas we’ve been taking a lot of calls regarding broken water lines or leaks in the yard. Mike’s theory is that there are subtle shifts when the temperatures are extremely hot or extremely cold which can put pressure on pipes. Add to that freezing water inside the pipes and […]