Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting

Problem: Garbage Disposal Vibrating

If a garbage disposal is filled with food garbage it will vibrate under use. That is normal.

But if it vibrates when you turn it on and it is empty, you have a problem either with a broken impeller creating an unbalanced flywheel or the mounting bolts are too tight.

Checking for a Broken Impeller

  • Turn off power to the disposal at the electrical service panel.
  • Reach down into hopper chamber and feel the impellers.
  • Check to make sure both are intact and one is not broken.
  • If they are OK, then restore power to the disposal at the electrical service panel and proceed to check for excessive mounting bracket tightness.
  • If an impeller is broken, replace the garbage disposal unit.

Checking for a Excessive Mounting Bracket Tightness
There is a resilient rubber pad in the mounting assembly that is a vibration absorbing interface between upper mounting ring and the sink. If the bolts are too tight the rubber gasket will not absorb enough vibration.

  • To make this repair, try loosening the mounting bolts 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn each and then test the garbage disposal.
  • If it continues to vibrate then try loosening the bolts another 1/4 turn

Excessive noise may be caused a hard, non-food object caught in the grinding hopper. Things can fall into the sink. This foreign object can be a piece of silverware, bottle cap, glass, medicine dropper etc.

  • Turn off power to the disposal at the electrical service panel.
  • Reach into the grinding hopper and feel about the flywheel and impellers for any hard foreign object.
  • Also check the edge between the flywheel and the grinding chamber wall.
  • Remove the object.

OK, the solution to this one is either a quick fix or a total replacement. The problem is caused by either:

  • Stuck flywheel or a seized motor bearing

Stuck Flywheel
In most cases a humming noise will be caused by a stuck flywheel. Let’s start with the easy possible problem, a stuck flywheel. Please see our article on a stuck flywheel.

Seized Motor Bearing

  • If the flywheel was not stuck and the unit is humming with nothing in the grinding chamber, then the garbage disposal’s motor has seized or has one or more frozen bearings.
  • If a bearing is seized, then the garbage disposal needs to be replaced.

If this is the case, please contact Duncan Plumbing Solutions. We can assist with repairs or replace your garbage disposal.

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