Plumbing Tips for Going Green

These are plumbing tips for protecting and conserving resources to help everyone provide a greener world. Below are just a few tips you can use starting today to save water and save you money so you can do you part to live a water-wise lifestyle

Water Conservation not only will help save water, it will also save you money. The following tips can help you do your part to live a more water-wise lifestyle

Did you know you can save….

  • 3 gallons by turning the water off each time you brush your teeth
  • 7 gallons a day by fixing a leaky faucet right away
  • 75-200 gallons per week by running only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher
  • 20-25 gallons by taking a shower instead of a bath
  • 200-300 gallons per month by keeping a bottle of water in the refrigerator for drinking in order to not have to run the tap until the water gets cold enough to drink
  • 1,000 gallons a month by installing a flow restrictor in a shower (will cut water use by as much as two-thirds
  • 1,500-2,000 gallons a day by fixing a pinhead-sized hole (with60 lbs. of pressure) right away

Duncan Plumbing Solutions is here to assist you with steps to a greener lifestyle, starting with green plumbing. We have many more water-wise plumbing tools and tips. Contact us today for money saving tricks, tips and tools.

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    • duncanadmin says:

      Thank you! Our staff is really knowledgeable! We are happy to help here at Duncan Plumbing Solutions. Good luck in your business.

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