City of Italy Installing Locked Meters

The City of Italy is replacing water meters in the city limits of Italy Texas, 76651. The new water meters have a lock on them which can only be opened by city employees. With these new meters in Italy, Tx a home owner or plumber would not be able to access the cut off at the meter. It is very important to have a main water cut-off to your house in case of flooding or other water-related emergencies.
It is very important that Italy Texas homeowners have a cut-off installed in the yard that they can access. You don’t want a flood in the middle of the night and have to wait on a city employee to arrive while your home is flooding. Be sure to install a water cut-off to your home as soon as possible or contact Duncan Plumbing Solutions to install a water cut off so you are not waiting on the city in case of a flooding or plumbing emergency.
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