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Water Pressure Problems

The Shower Loses Hot Water When Someone Else Runs Water in the House When you take a shower and you lose hot water when someone else in the home runs water, the problem may be that your main water pipes are too small. Do you have an older home? New pipes might need to be […]

My Shower Drains Slowly

If your shower is draining slowly you can be sure you have clogged pipes. Although most people will choose a chemical clog remover as the first method of drain cleaning, it’s a very controversial method. Some say that these products are harmful to pipes. If there is a serious problem, chemical drain cleaners will be […]

Toilet Pressure Problems

My Toilet Has Lost Pressure and Barely Flushes If your toilet has always worked fine but now barely flushes, the most common cause is a clog. First option is to try plunging the toilet. If you don’t see a significant change after plunging, it may need to be cabled. Duncan Plumbing Solutions has some of […]


Urinals are hard to maintain especially if they are in high-traffic public places. Urinals are that they can clog easily, the auto-flush may not work properly, and stalls are often damaged due to vandalism. Urinals require the service of an experienced commercial plumber more frequently than regular bathrooms. The trouble is that urinal stalls damage […]

A New Water Meter Won’t Necessarily Save You Money

When you get a high water bill, it’s natural to think that you need to install a new water meter. This is a common thought among homeowners. But, the thought might not be accurate because your water meter doesn’t always correlate to your water use or your bill. Water bills can also include waste water […]