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Leak Location & Repair

Signs you might have a leak Do you think you have a plumbing leak? You may have an idea you have a leak because your bill may have gone up without explanation or you may actually see water in the yard. Other factors like a drop in water pressure might all be symptoms of a […]

Money Saving Tips for the Kitchen and Bath

The efficiency of your plumbing system may not seem like something you can do much about. After all, you’re not a plumber. And when there is a problem, you call in a professional to deal with it. There are simple steps you can take to help keep your plumbing system functioning properly and minimize the […]

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Bathroom Plumbing Tips In the bathroom, one of the main sources of trouble is the toilet. If your toilet is running constantly or flushing randomly when no one is around, check the flapper valve at the bottom of the tank to make sure there is a good seal. Chances are that the seal is inadequate […]

How to Fix A Stinky and Backed Up Garbage Disposal – Anatomy of a Garbage Disposal

One of the biggest complaints I hear about garbage disposals is a stinky or backed up garbage disposal.  Now if it were up to me, I might advise you to get rid of it but if you must have a garbage disposal then follow the below tips for helping a stinky or backed up garbage disposal. […]

Turn Down That Hot Water Heater – Money Saving Plumbing Tips & Instructions

Does adjusting your water heater’s temperature really make that much of a difference? Recently while working with a client in the Cedar Hill / Duncanville area, we were discussing ways to save money with regards to turning down the thermostat on your hot water heater. The homeowner ask does this really work? The answer is YES […]