Instant Hot Water and Green Plumbing

Why Wait? Go Green!

Many Home Owners wait up to 60-seconds or more for hot water to run from their tap or shower. You don’t have to wait. You can have convenience of instant hot water and conserve water at the same time with a recirculation pump. Do you want hot water in an instant and eliminate water waste? Duncan Plumbing Solutions offers Green Plumbing Solutions and instant hot water solutions.


  • Hot water in an instant (instant hot water)
  • Water conservation (green plumbing saving you money and the environment)
  • Reduced utility bills
  • Maintenance free

What is Hot Water Recirculation?
A hot water recirculation pump provides a continuous flow of hot water in the hot water supply line of your home – when you need it. This provides instant hot water. Without a Hot Water Recirculation Pump System, unused hot water in the line cools and must be evacuated before hot water from your hot water heater can reach the desired tap. As a result, gallons of water are wasted.

How Hot Water Recirculation works

There are two types of Hot Water Recirculation Pump systems suitable for new homes or existing homes. Duncan Plumbing Solutions can install a hot water recirculation pump while plumbing new construction or in a plumbing remodel.

1. New construction plumbing – Return Line

When dealing with plumbing on the construction of a new home, a dedicated return line is installed between the end of the hot water supply line and the water heater. A circulator pump is installed at the point where the return line connects to the hot water tank. The circulator then pushes heated water from the tank through the supply line and back through the return line.

2. Retrofit for existing homes – Plumbing installation on a plumbing remodel

This system uses the cold water supply line as the “return-line” to the water heater. A circulator pump is used to create a pressure differential that allows the cold and cool water in the hot water supply line to by-pass (at low volume) into the cold supply line through a controlled valve that is mounted under the sink furthest from the water heater.

Hot Water Recirculation Solutions for instant hot water
Duncan Plumbing Solutions offers installation of hot water recirculation pumps and systems that are becoming more popular due to the population’s increasing interest in saving water, going green plumbing and adding convenience to their lives. In many countries around the world a hot water return line is mandatory when building a new home.

Features and benefits
• Quick and easy installation
• Built in timer & thermostat on the BUT model ensures optimum operation
• Brass pump housing with integrated valve
• Uses less than a 25 watt light bulb
• Can save thousands of gallons of water per year, per household

Duncan Plumbing Solutions can install instant hot water systems to save you money in both new construction and in existing homes

Traditional hot water recirculation can be difficult and impractical to install in an existing home. Some companies have responded with large under sink units which are cumbersome to install and often require a power source, which is hard to find under the bathroom sink. However, Duncan Plumbing Solutions offers new solutions that provide convenience and comfort of hot water in an instant – even in an existing home.

How does the system work?

• When your tap is off, hot water cools in your water pipes.
• Water that cools overnight becomes a cold shower the next morning because your tap or shower has to “run off” all the water between your hot water system and the shower head.
• Water circulates back to the hot water storage so it’s hot and comfortable, from the moment you turn the tap.
• Utilization of the main supply line which eliminates the need for installation of a return line. A small circulator pump is installed on the outlet pipe of the hot water storage tank, to keep the water in your line hot.
• The valve at your tap provides the by-pass which allows the water to recirculate using the already installed old water pipe line as a return line to the hot water service.
• When the water temperature reaches 38°C at the valve it will close and stop the circulation.
• The valve works without the need of electricity and can therefore be easily installed without you having to look for a power outlet.
• Together the pump and the valve provide instant hot water from every tap and shower in the home.
• There is even a timer on the pump to make the system more efficient during down time, like nights and during the midday that will help to save you money.

Features and benefits
• No return line is required
• No electricity needed under the sink
• Built-in timer & line cord
• Uses less than a 25 watt light bulb
• Installs in less than an hour
• Can save thousands of gallons of water per year, per household.

Home Owner benefits of Hot Water Recirculation
Home Owners today are constantly seeking improvements to their lifestyle. From state of the art garbage disposals to dishwashers and tankless water heaters — all once considered luxuries are becoming standard. Instant hot water systems are destined to become another one of these standard features in plumbing.

Convenience and Comfort
Home builders and plumbers are making Hot Water Recirculation a feature that not only adds value to the home, but delivers the comfort and convenience of instant hot water that should be expected. Imagine turning on a shower and getting hot water immediately. Why wait while cold water is going down the drain?

Savings and Payback
How many stop and think what happens to the gallons of water that run down the drain during the wait? Those gallons of water are wasted, and in an average household that takes four showers per day, that will add up to thousands of gallons per year. Multiply it by all the homes in the community and you will have millions of litres of water going down the drain into the sewer system every single year. Hot Water Recirculation means hot water in an instant (instant hot water) without unnecessary waste. Payback will result from the reduction of water usage and water waste.

Helping the Community and the Environment
Fresh water is a precious natural resource that is slowly being depleted. In many parts of the world, stringent water conservation is already a part of everyday life. In Waxahachie, Red Oak, Midlothian, Ennis, Dallas and all of North Central Texas arid climates and rising populations have resulted in higher costs and stronger focus on water conservation. Hot water recirculation is a cost-effective method of controlling any additional waste of water. If you are considering green plumbing solutions, saving thousands of gallons of water each year and being responsible about the environment contact Duncan Plumbing Solutions about installing a hot water recirculating


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